An unforgettable holiday in Dubai


The number one vacation spot on the Arabian Peninsula, Dubai is the best known emirate from the United Arab Emirates. The place is the perfect spot for enjoying an exotic vacation with your loved ones.

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Dubai is becoming one of the trendiest places to vacation in. even though most of the people mention only Dubai,Guest Posting the area is actually consisting of two cities, Dubai and Deira, which are divided by the Creek. People visit Dubai for different reasons that range from shopping sessions to the perfect exotic vacation.

However, no matter of your reasons of visiting and spending some time in Dubai, the emirate offers so many activities, things to do and entertainment that it is almost impossible to get bored. One thing to keep in mind before flying to Dubai is the visa requirement. Most of the countries need visas to enter Dubai. There are several ways to get a tourism entry visa that is valid for a month and can be renewed once. You can get a visa through your travel agent if your holiday is an organized one or if you are visiting Dubai on your own you can get it at the airport. Even though the official language is Arabic, English is widely used, so you do not have to worry about not being understood. The money is called Emirati Dirham (AED) and there are several exchanges offices all over the city.

Out of the wide variety of things to do available in Dubai there are several musts you have to do while on holiday here. You have to experience a camel ride and see a camel racing. If you want to go in a safari there are several tours and options available you can select a Wadi driving, a Dune driving, a Sand Skiing safari or a Deserts Feasts safari. Dubai is the place to find out about Arabian culture and bring a lot of your Arabian dreams to life. For example you can sleep in an authentic Bedouin tent or paint your own canvas in some of the galleries open for the public; you can try the traditional food and visit museums and other places with astonishing architecture. Since Dubai is a very fast developing place, the architecture is mixed and if in some parts you can see the old traditional buildings made in the Arabic style, in the resorts and even downtown you can see modern architecture and buildings made following the newest trends in architecture.

If you are visiting Dubai with your children consider one of the available theme park like Magic Planet, Wonderland or Wild Widi or going to the beach. If you want to have an adrenaline rush you can try one of the available aerial tours or the creek tours which offer an unforgettable view of Dubai. If your want to go shopping during your holiday Dubai is the place to do it because there are several major shopping centers in the area and you can find things for all types of budgets. For sport lovers the choices are the go carting, the horse riding, thunder bowling, ice skating, golf, fishing and lot and lots of walks on the beaches.

Accommodation and dining is also available according to your budget. You can select a cheaper, a mid range or a luxury hotel where you can pay anywhere from $70 to over $700 a night. If the main goal of your holiday is to get rest and be pampered than the perfect accommodation for you will be in a luxury hotel. However if you are there for a fun holiday and for getting to see as much as possible from the region than you can find inexpensive accommodation and save some of that money to spend it sightseeing. The most visited places are the Dubai Creek, the Dubai museum, the Archaeological sites, the Dubai World Trade Center, the Grand Mosque, and the Hatta how to win dubai weekly draw mountains. Just because Dubai is in the desert area with a sub-tropical climate, you should make sure you pack some warm clothing for the evenings when it can get quite chillier.

Dubai is one of the most interesting holiday spots because of the available activities and different ways of spending your time, because of the high contrast between the Old Dubai and the New Modern Dubai, the prices that are adjusted for all the budgets and the multitude of interesting places to see. For example Dubai is the home of the only seven-star hotel in the world, the Burj al-Arab hotel. Also in Dubai you can see and visit the tallest building in the world, the Burj Dubai and the Palm Islands which are the three biggest man-made islands in the world. Because of its on growing popularity and the insufficient accommodation, Dubai tends to become a holiday place for people with medium income who can afford to pay an average of $200 per night per room. Nonetheless the ever expanding area is still one of the top holiday places.