The Advantages of Granite Floor Tiles

The natural elegance of a stone floor complements most decors. It is perfect with other natural elements such as wood. Granite floor tiles have a lot more to offer than just natural beauty. They can give a coordinated look to kitchen and bath. Granite tiles are natural,The Advantages of Granite Floor Tiles Articles durable and require little maintenance.

Imagine a kitchen or bath with installing countertops granite floor tiles and matching granite tiles on the counter-tops. It is easy to achieve using granite floor tiles on the floor, counter and back-splash. The rich, elegant appearance is difficult to achieve with a different substance. Granite tiles come in many colors and styles. It is not difficult to find a color and pattern compatible with other design elements.

Natural substances are in fashion for the environmentally conscious homeowner. They want to incorporate materials that have not caused damage to the environment in their processing or harvest. Granite does not use the chemical processing so harmful to air and water quality. So too, granite tiles are an excellent choice for the health conscious homeowner. The lack of chemicals in their makeup makes them safer for use in homes. There is not the out-gassing of harmful fumes often associated with synthetic carpeting and flooring. Properly sealed tiles are moisture, allergen and bacteria resistant.

Durable granite will last a lifetime. It is more durable and stain resistant than marble. Kitchen floors take a lot of abuse. Pots and pans fall on the floor, glasses and dishes drop and break. Spills are an everyday occurrence. Granite can sustain the abuse that most kitchen floors take with normal care.

Granite floor tiles are easy to maintain. They require much the same daily care as any other flooring material. Sweep, vacuum or dust mop as needed. Wipe up spills as they happen. Damp mop when necessary and polish to remove water spots. They should be washed once a week with mild dish soap or stone soap. Do not use abrasive cleaners on granite; they will ruin the tiles. Granite floors may need to be sealed yearly.